Every day during your prayer, chant “Ohm Muruga”, “Ohm Kumara”, “Ohm Kanda”, “Ohm Agatheesaya Nama” with divine lamp (DHIYA) and get blessings from siddhars.

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Sri Agasthiya Maha Siva Naadi Astrological centre

NAADI Astrology is an ancient science which helps mankind to take informed decisions as instructed by Sages / Siddhar’s / Rishi’s for a better future. The NAADI system emanated from Sages / Siddhar’s / Rishi’s for the betterment of humanity. Presently, we are reading Maha Siva NAADI and Agathiyar NAADI. Maha Siva NAADI comprises of seven to eight cantoes (aka Kandams in tamil language) refers to conversation between Lord Siva and mother Parvathy devi written by various sages.

Naadi Astrology

Naadi Shastra brings to light the future predictions of humans using their age-old literature.

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Naadi Procedure

The NAADI seeker has to provide his thumb impression (left hand for female and right hand for male) to the NAADI reader.

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Naadi Chapters

Siddhars and Rishis, categorized and organized Naadi leaves and grouped them as chapters.

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Online Reading

Online NAADI reading is only meant for people who are not able to come in person.

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News and Announcements

  • Siddhar Agathiyar instructed everyone to light “DHIYA” (lamp) at home and worship every day, with possible ANNADHANAM to poor, downtrodden and needy in order to come out of Corona crisis.

    We request everyone to do the same. – Om Sri Agathiyar Jeeva Arut Kudil disciples


Manthras are sacred sequence of words or sentences in the form of sound as an aid to prayer or meditation.

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We are informed long back by siddhar Agasthiyar in JEEVA NAADI to create a trust.

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Day schedules

  • Please come and participate with your family, friends and relatives to our monthly Pournami pooja. Next pournami date – 01-September-2020 (Tuesday)

    Kindly contact us over mobile phone for detailed schedules