Agasthiyar Jeeva Naadi + Readings

As you may be aware, NAADI astrology is a collection of pre written sayings, in the form of palm leaves written thousands of years back by various Sages / Siddhar’s / Rishi’s to provide solutions for problems of mankind on astrological predictions.

Jeeva NAADI is a vibrant medium through which Sages / Siddhar’s / Rishi’s provide on spot solutions for your critical problems based on your karma. It doesn’t require your thumb / palm impression / horoscope / birth details.

The JEEVA NAADI reader uses the palm leaves where the letters / words appear automatically and disappears immediately after the reading is over.

You need to seek with utmost pious and bhakthi.

Generally, JEEVA NAADI will be read on important occasions like POURNAMI tithi. On these days, Agathya maharishi will give his blessings in the form of general blessings (aka PODHU AASI in tamil language).