Arut Kudil Activities

  • At our Om Shree Agasthiyar Jeeva Arut Kudil (aka Arut Kudil), we are doing monthly Abhishegam to our deities Ganapathy, Subramanian (Lord Murugan) with Valli and Deivanai, Shiva lingam, Shri Agasthiyar and Lobamudra devi. followed by Guru Pooja.
  • Followed by aforementioned activity, we are doing Yagam at Shri Kamatchi Ambiga Samedha Agatheeswarar temple at Keezh Kadirpur (on Vandavasi byepass road) which is approximately 8 kms from Arut Kudil followed by distribution of Prasadham.
  • In the said temple, siddhar Agathiyar, consecrated the SHIVA LINGA and worshipped the same from some thousand years’ back. And this temple is still worshipped by various saints, Siddhars and Rishis.
  • Both Guru Pooja and Yagam are for the welfare of all living beings to have harmonious and peaceful life.
  • We are doing this activity for more than a decade. All these activities are done by the instructions which we get from Sage Agathya through his Jeeva Naadi. Our Pooja procedures (especially SANKALPA) are unique in the sense that we have spent a year in seeking various information from multiple sources and get it corrected and approved by Sage Agathya through Jeeva Naadi.
  • We welcome everyone to present here on Pournami day to get divine blessings from Siddhars.