Chapter 1 - Generalized Report

Year, Month, Day and Date of Birth, Birth Star(Asterism), Lagna(Ascendence) and also other important general predictions for the entire life losses and gains due to their relationship with members of Native's family (Native Consultant).

Price : Rs. 2000

CHAPTER 2 - Education and Wealth

Manners of Power of Speech, Money matters, Family and Education, Eye-sight.

Price : Rs. 2000

CHAPTER 3 - Brothers and Sisters

No. of Brothers and Sisters, Benefits and Problems from them, Dangers and Difficulties in life, Servants and about courage.

Price : Rs. 1500

CHAPTER 4 - Mother's Assets and Fortune

About Native's Mother, House, Building, Land-site, Properties, Vehicles, Comforts, Business, Treasure-Trove, Cousins and about Death in Detail

Price : Rs. 1500