What is Jeeva Naadi?

The present standard system of Naadi predictions is that, the seeker gives the thumb impression as per the gender (who tries to reach the leaf ) and try to reach out to the exact leaf which matches to the description of the seeker. In this system there are chances that one may be lucky to pinpoint the pertinent palm leaf in matter of minutes or some times after hectic search of many hours, one has to go empty handed to try for the next time or to forget it as a bad joke.

“Jeeva or Dynamic Naadi” apparently looks similar in its appearance. But the contents and the method of reaching to the exact matter on leaf differs to a greater extent. There is a Jeeva Naadi of Maharshi Atri or Atreya and his consort Mahasati Anusuya. Many may not be aware about these personalities as per Puranic legends. Atri and Anusuya was the famous couple, for their penance and powers they had gained by severe Yoga Sadhana . They were tested by the three personalities who were supposed to be the creator Brahma, Vishnu the saviour and Shiva the destroyer. In disguise as hungry and tired pilgrims, the trio made a firm demand for mid day meals immediately; putting a strange and queer condition; that , Anusuya should serve them without cloths, without waiting for the host Atri, who was yet to return from morning rituals, (Anusuya should serve them without cloths.)