Manthras are broadly classified into two categories namely general manthras and secret manthras. General manthras are used in day to day life very commonly as these manthras are chanted by so many people.

Secret manthras (aka SUKUMA manthras) are the manthras that are available through CHUVADI (especially JEEVA NAADI and AASI kandams) and those manthras need to be chanted by the target person alone. He / She should not reveal it to the other person. Not only that the paper in which these manthras are written has to be secured.

We provide a broad list of commonly used manthras shared in Google drive. You can download it and get into the contents to find out a specific GOD along with page number.

All these manthras are maximum four to six lines. You can select any one manthra for that particular deity to chant as per your need.