Naadi Procedure

  • The NAADI seeker has to provide his thumb impression (left hand for female and right hand for male) to the NAADI reader.
  • After obtaining thumb impression, the reader will find out suitable palm leaf bundles pertinent to it.
  • There are 108 kinds of thumb impressions in general. Each such impression will be held in five or six bundles. Each bundles may contain 50 to 100 palm leaves.
  • The first leaf will be checked with the thumb impression along with questions put to the seeker. If the particulars are not correct, other leaves will be verified one by one and the process will be on on until the correct leaf is identified.
  • The contents which will be in tamil poetic language will be read by the NAADI reader (aka AASAN) who will record the same in a notebook.
  • The explanations for those poetic stanzas are recorded and translated if necessary into English and given to the seeker along with note book.
  • No fees will be charged if suitable palm leaf is not available.