Remedial Measures

Remedial measures (also called “PARIHARAM or “PARIHARA” in tamil language) are activities that need to be done in order to overcome the evil effect of bad karmas on our life.

These remedial measures are very common and are pointed out in our NAADI chapters by siddhars.

We have dedicated priests who are specialized in doing various kind of Poojas with pious and utmost sincerity. We are not only doing this service for our customers and NAADI seekers, but also for people who are seriously looking for this service from elsewhere.

At present, we are very commonly doing the following PARIHARA. However, the list is exhaustive.

S.No Pooja / Homam name Purpose
1 Ganapathy homam To get success in the activities that we perform
2 Navagraha homam To get rid of Navagraha doshas
3 Rudhra homam To get rid of anger and improve life longevity
4 Chandi homam To get back courage from fear and
5 Danvanthri homam To get rid of dosha caused by “Mandhi” and curse of corpse
6 Sudharshana Homam To get rid of evil effects imposed by others
7 Putrakameshti Homam To get child
8 Lakshmi Kubera Homam To get rid of long time poverty
9 Prathyankara Homam To get rid of enemies, health issues and diseases
10 Kandristi Homam To get rid of evil effects caused to one’s family as well as to their health
11 Kala Sarpa Shanthi Homam To get rid of unbearable challenges in life, marriage and job
12 Dhanvanthri Homam To get rid of long standing diseases, health problems
13 Saraswathi Homam To improve in education
14 Sudharshana Homam To destroy negativity, enemies and to restore energies and health

Moreover, we also arrange medicine for people who are looking into medicinal kandam (Kandam No. 15, commonly called as “Aushadha kandam” in tamil language) for remedial measures to their long standing health problems.